Riding Lessons
Our lessons are conducted in either an enclosed yard or out on one of our trails depending on which the rider requires. 

We also suggest that children after they have mastered the basic rudiments of horse riding to join the beginners Saturday Club.


Trail Rides
We have 3,500 acres of our own land for your enjoyment. We take all ages from 10 years. We have every type of terrain imaginable from flat grassy plains to mountains for your enjoyment.

Pony Parties
Give your children a birthday to remember with a Pony Party. We have several adorable little horses that your children can ride around on and play with in total safety. BBQ facilities, acres of land for them to play in, and much more.
Farm Stays 
Stay at our 900 acre cattle farm on the outskirts of Brisbane. Then if you wish join a winery ride or one of our special property rides We can tailor rides to suit the individual. Whatever you want we can provide. 


Winery Ride
Enjoy two favourite pastimes, horse riding combined with a glass of wine.
The all day ride to Ocean View Winery starts from our property at Ocean View just 40km north of Brisbane and ride to the Oceanview Estates Winery.
COVID NOTE: Unfortunately due to Covid concerns, the normal wine tasting and cheesboard is not served.
This ride starts at 10 a.m. and finishes at approx 4 p.m. 







School Holiday Programs
Designed to show your children there is an alternative in life to TV, video games and computers. Our programs give your children plenty of hands on contact with their horses enabling them to consolidate their understanding of horses and riding ability in a fun filled socially interactive way. Each child is given their own horse for the day.
Riders may attend for any combination of days during the programme 





Kids' Saturday Riding Clubs
Besides our School Holiday Programme we also hold Saturday riding clubs for the youngsters at three levels, beginner, medium and more experienced riders. The aim of these Clubs is to encourage the children to partake in many activities and learn interaction skills with others. Besides honing the riders skills with tuition aimed at increasing the riders particular skill levels, having fun and getting enjoyment from their riding is part of our philosophy. Taking part in riding games is just one way of achieving this, but just as important is also learning about riding life outside the equestrian arena, by enjoying trail rides on our 3,500 acres of properties with many different types of terrain that require different riding skills.



Corporate Days
Riding is a great group activity especially when it's rounded off with some canoeing and an Aussie barbecue under the gum trees. All sorts of contests and challenges can be added to the day. A number of our customer companies have voted their riding activity days as their "best outings ever".



Cross Country Adventure Rides
Enjoy riding through thick wooded scrub and bush, or ride across rolling hills and into deep rain forest gorges taking in some of the most spectacular views in SE Queensland. The rides are between three and four hours duration, with a lunch break at a the lake (BYO food & drink) before returning to the farm

Rides can be arranged at dates and times to suit your requirements. (minimum 2 riders)




Pony Rides for 6 years and Older. 
Let your child experience a pony ride on a half hour ride by our beautiful lakeside.


We lease Horses
Choose any available horse you want on the property, which then becomes your personal horse. You can ride as often as you like and for as long as you like for a fixed monthly fee. We provide all equipment and pay all expenses. A discount is given for our away rides and campouts for anyone leasing a horse from us.

Outside Horses Welcome
You are welcome to bring your own horse to ride on our main properties or enjoy our exciting weekends away.(note:- to meet with current safety requirements riders must wear a suitable helmet)

Agistment Available
We believe our agistment is second to none. Where else can you keep your horse that has 2000 acres to ride on, numerous other riders you can ride with and is only 40 minutes from the centre of Brisbane.




Barbecue Facilities / Swimming
After your ride swim in our crystal clear lake then finish off with an open fire "true blue barbecue" under the gum trees at no extra cost for the day.

Music Festivals
At Slickers we have one of the best outdoor stages imaginable surrounded by the ultimate natural amphitheatre backing onto our lake. We welcome any enquiry to establish an annual outdoor music fest (Blues, Country, Rock etc) on this superb site.



Away Rides

If we do not have an Away Ride in the immediate programme think about an overnight stay at our cattle property in Ocean View. Ride to the Ocean View Winery on the Saturday, then stay overnight at the farm having a party around the camp fire, then ride the cattle property stopping at our lake for a picnic lunch.